Thinking about improving the business workflow? Removing Waste from processes. Being more productive so be able to support more customers or expand into new business areas?

We strongly suggest completing the SWE (Simulated Work Environment) in Burnie, run by People Improvers https://www.peopleimprovers.com/qualifications/lean-leader-swe-burnie-tasmania/ and there are funds from Skills Tasmania to pay for some of the training cost.

David Robinson (Ulverstone IT Owner), is a Lean Leader trainer and is very happy to share the benefits of going through the course.

Ulverstone IT is happy to partner with your business to work through the Lean journey. Help with planning sessions to identify wastes and areas for improvement, provide refresher Lean Training for staff, and where automation tools or IT can be used, help budget and implement those ideas.

Questions we like to ask when going down the Lean path are:

  • What is an area the owner or staff are spending more time then they would like too and would like to reduce?
  • Owner: Where are you working IN the business rather than ON the business?
  • If you wanted to take a Holiday next month, what is the blocker? Without increasing staffing in the business.
  • What are the biggest risks and threats to the business or business/area/division/team/project (SWOT)
  • What is one thing that is blocking you from growing the business by 10% this quarter.
  • Who are the critical team members that would impact the organisation if they had an emergency and left tomorrow? Lets discuss cross training and standard work (documentation).
  • How can we identify and eliminate bottlenecks in our current processes? This question aims to streamline operations by identifying inefficiencies and implementing solutions.
  • What aspects of our products or services do our customers value the most, and how can we enhance these features? This question helps align business offerings more closely with customer needs and preferences.
  • What are the most significant barriers to innovation within our team or organisation, and how can we overcome these? This question encourages a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
  • How effective are our current feedback mechanisms (from customers, employees, stakeholders), and how can we improve them? This question aims to enhance the quality and utility of feedback to drive improvements.
  • How are our current practices aligned with our long-term sustainability goals? This question ensures that the business is not only profitable but also sustainable in the long run.

Contact David on lean@ulverstoneIT.au or 0412 458 477 to organise a visit and a Lean discussion.